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Oil Swishing: An Oral Hygiene Practice And Gateway To Good Health

By Janet Vargas - Independent Natural Health Researcher


You may have heard of this by the name of Oil Pulling, an ancient Indian Ayurvedic practice that rids accumulated Toxins from your mouth by pulling them out of their hiding places – little pockets here and there, even the best of dental brushing and flossing cannot deal with. The theory in evidence is that even a good mouthwash is less effective than the Oil-Pulling because just like certain Vitamins and Antioxidants are Fat-Soluble, so are different Toxins, therefore the OIL deals with them more effectively at pulling them out, than the water-based Mouthwashes.

You could be close to some good personal discoveries here because if practiced correctly, this Oil Pulling that I call OIL SWISHING has Lots of Health Benefits. I trust you find this True for yourselves.

Take a tablespoon of cold pressed Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Sesame Seed Oil oil and swish it constantly in your mouth (rather than vigorously) for 15 - 20 minutes, at-least 15, starting with 10mins for the first few days if you need to, and build up gradually. Be careful not to swallow this oil because it will be laden with the toxins that build up in our mouth over days (or months if you are new to this). Remember to use a timer for this exercise. When you have finished swishing, take a few tissues or paper towel to empty the oil content from your mouth, being as thorough as possible, and dispose of rather than in your sink continually. 

This practice may take some effort at first and it will come natural to you after a few days. It is a good idea to quickly swish some salt water in your mouth after the oil swish. It is called oil pulling for a good reason, the oil pulls toxins that accumulate in our mouth from ingesting food each day - this especially applies if we have neglected dental hygiene somewhat. Those toxins collect and hide in little pockets in our mouths and 'party' so to speak and build up considerably over time. This means that when we swallow foods and liquids, we are actually swallowing small amounts of those toxins. In turn, this affects our Digestive System and lessons our absorption of Nutrients our body needs for Good Health.

Over the first few days of practicing the Oil Swishing, your teeth and gums will be on the way to better health, should you wish to continue, and your tongue will start getting healthier as well – a better color, nice and clean. This is also good because our tongue is highly permeable for bad bacteria and becomes an entry point for most toxins to invade our body. These toxins end up in our digestive system, stomach and GI Tract, compromising our Microbiome (Gut Health) whereby they often cause havoc in our bodies. We find ourselves experiencing ill-health in ways we otherwise may not.

Yes, Oil Swishing is an excellent way to have less Toxins residing in our bodies, making for Health-Friendly Habits we can build onto towards Better Health or Optimal health. Once engaged in something like this, many people have become Health Enthusiasts or even professional Health Advocates. Some people have even taken off weight because their body is housing less toxins. Toxicity is one of the main reasons for Weight Gain, and even Cardio Conditions according to some physicians and researchers including a Heart Surgeon. There has even been a link discovered between Dental Caries from poor Oral Hygiene and Heart Attacks. Yes, no kidding.

The practice of Oil Swishing has even been known to address some chronic health conditions like Acne and Dry Skin, Allergies, Arthritis, Bronchitis and Sinusitis,  Constipation, Chronic Fatigue, Colitis, Chronic Headaches, Dermatitis and Eczema, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, PMS, Nerve Disorders and certain Mental Disorders. It is essential for Gingivitis, Dental Caries and Cavities and Abscesses and Periodontal Problems – if practiced 1-2 times daily, over a good span of time, it can bring correction in these areas of health.

First thing in the morning or last thing at night are really good times to engage in this practice. Add to your morning or night routine and within weeks, you will be pleased you did – especially a few months from now. Why not start today?

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