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Category Descriptions

On My Websites, I Sometimes Like To Give Descriptions To Categories You Find In My BLOG. Sometimes Visitors Like To Venture A Little Further This Way Which Means More Benefits For You. You Can See At A Glance. Happy Browsing!

A Better Way

Why Not Try These? Some Are Safer, Some Are More Beneficial. You Could Be Surprised What You Find Here.

Alright To Be Cautious

We Need To Practice Caution Sometimes – We Can’t Believe Everything We Hear, Right? This Especially Applies To Webpages On Health Often And Manufacturers Claims.

Cleansing And Detoxing

Body Cleansing Is Somewhat Comprehensive These Days And So Is Detoxing Because You Can Detox  Different Systems Of Your Body Towards Better Health.

Family Health

Covering Different Aspects Of Parenting – Ways We Can Grow Strong, Secure And Healthy Kids And Also Ways To Be Less Stressed By Them And For Them, Hey? Making Our Children Feel Valued And Proud Of Us. Each Post Will Relate To Our Needs, Their Needs Or Family Health. Comprehensive Posts Here.

Gardening And Agriculture

There Is Nothing Like Getting Outdoors And Growing Your Own Veggies. I Will Alert You To Things Commercial Farmers Do, You Will Want To Avoid.

Health Enthusiasts

To All Those Natural Health Advocates Out There, I Would Like To Encourage Your Enthusiasm With Interesting Posts From Some Professional Advocates Including Functional And Integrative Medicine Experts. ENJOY!

Health Hazards/Informed

We Need True Information Not False Information. Guard Against Marketing Ploys And Manufacturers With NO Conscience. Some Scientists Are Paid By Companies To Give Misleading Information. It Gets Tiring, I Know!

Health Secrets

Here You Will Find Some Special Things You May Not Find Elsewhere. Everyone Likes Secrets – There Are New Discoveries Being Made I Will Share With You.

Inspirational Posts

Some Light Inspiring Articles And Stories To Add Something Nice To Your Day Or Evening And Also Some Meaningful Posts To Improve Our Quality Of Life. Come Be Inspired!

Janets Posts/Articles

As Time Permits, I Like To Write Something  As If I Am Speaking To You. I Also Write Inspirational Sometimes. Enjoy!

Natural And Organic

With So Many Chemicals In Foods And Personal Products These Days, House Cleaning Products, Herbicides And Pesticides In Crops And Garden Nurseries, We Need To Know The Advantages In Going Natural And Organic Where Possible.

Nutrition And Supplements

There Are So Many Supplements Being Made These Days – Some Are Really Good And Some Are Very Questionable. Nutrition Is Making A Comeback And It’s Good To Have Safe Guidelines, I’m Here To Help.

Optimal Health Principles

We Can Aim For Improved Health That Can Make Us Happier Or Optimum Health Which Can Give Us A New Lease On Life – There Are Keys For That, Like Working On Our Microbiome, Vagus Nerve And Mitochondria.

Things You Should Know

These Posts Will Let You Know What To Watch Out For – The Good And Not So Good Please Be Informed. Good Wishes For Your Welfare Friends.

Towards Better Health

The Information In These Posts If Practiced, Can Afford Better Health. Remember, They Need Time And Consistency To Take Effect And Some People Respond Surprisingly Quickly. However, Good Health Is Not Instant.

Toxic Food And Chemicals

What Can I Say? It Gets Tiring – The Amount Of Things We Have To Keep An Eye On In This Day And Age Doesn’t It? Trying My Best To Inform You. Good Wishes To All.

Walking Sunshine Fresh-Air

Some Good Healthy Walking – Enjoying It’s Many Benefits. Returning To Sunshine And Fresh-Air!

Ways To Be Happier

To Me, Health And Happiness Go Hand In Hand Because Good Health Equals Happiness These Days And Also, If We Can Forget False Expectations And Be Happier In Ourselves, This Really Benefits Our Health.