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By Janet Vargas – Independent Natural Health Researcher

RUMINATION: dwelling on sad or disturbing things can be quite crippling, whereby we find these thoughts (whatever is upsetting or puzzling us) repeating themselves in cycles, here and there throughout the day, or full-on for a few hours until we do something active, enjoyable or interesting that breaks the cycle and affords some peace.

 Sometimes, we can find ourselves experiencing this disturbing thought pattern for a few days when certain memories visit us from the past or something is unresolved. Stressful relationships and disappointing ones play a big role in this scenario too, especially when someone we trust speaks or acts in a way that is totally unexpected.…

This subject is one that is very close to my heart because I know someone personally who experienced this in no small way and I later realised I partly experienced that myself in different circumstances with my parents - thus we grow up with our feelings not validated and not understanding ourselves and interpreting others correctly. Some people, like the friend I mentioned, may experience so few emotions or even be given to occasional emotional outbursts and you don't know where they're coming from. He has had to train himself how to have emotion and balance emotions.…

Some things in this article are very nifty - wish I had the privilege of reading them years ago. Yes me included, truth of the matter is, most of us procrastinate in some way/ways, I found out once. What things do you keep putting off till later?

How to Stop Procrastinating and Live a Happier Life

By Lisa Fields –  Reader's Digest International

Some people procrastinate out of fear

Procrastination seems like a time-management problem, but it’s actually a lack of motivation and self-regulation.

“You’re spending time you don’t have,” Pychyl says.…

Janet Vargas - Independent Natural Health Researcher

Are you lacking Energy or feeling Lethargic? These symptoms and others can be experienced when you are lacking Good Healthy Salt in your Diet (not to be confused with common table salt that is stripped of vital nutrients and bleached). No wonder there is so much misinformation about SALT. I remember standing at a Bakery counter about 20 years ago when I bought a quiche as did someone next to me. We asked for a little salt to be sprinkled on them and the reply was, they can't do that, they don't have any salt shaker in the place and they don't use salt.…

By Carly Fraser – Specialising in Neuroscience, Nutrition and Lifestyle


This Is What Your Food Cravings Really Mean

What do your food cravings really mean? Usually, when you crave something, that is your brain signaling that it is lacking a certain nutrient, and so it will automatically gravitate to the things that are easy, un-healthy and leave us wanting more (since the foods we often gravitate to will momentarily satisfy us, however, our brains will keep on firing, and telling us to eat more – since we didn’t give it the proper nutrients – which leads us into the problem of over-eating).…

By Janet Vargas - Independent Natural Health Researcher

Would you believe it? People are still buying Canola after The Facts Were Out a long time now that it is:




And that's "Healthy" you say? At-least, that's what those Manufacturers tell you!

YES! Did you know that the 'innocent' Canola not only has a toxic substance but is also heavily sprayed with Toxic Chemicals - to avoid infestation problems - and you are ingesting all this toxicity with Canola in your family meals?…

Freedom from Smoke and Dope
They are not good ways to Cope
Come, make a Start.

Quit Smokes And Dope? Yes You Can!

Can't Stop Cigarettes? Don't Despair!

New Routines

Tobacco users aren’t just addicted to smoking or chewing; they’re also habitually addicted to the physical act of using tobacco products. Over time, smoking or chewing becomes a part of your daily routine or coping mechanism. Certain activities, routines or feelings “trigger” the urge to smoke or chew. Triggers can be habitual daily activities, such as a morning cup of coffee or going out with a certain group of friends.…

By Dr Will Cole - Functional Medicine Expert/Consultant

Your body is a breathtaking symphony of intricate biochemical pathways working in harmony every second of your life. We often take for granted the many facets which make up our bodies and how these simple elements and chemical reactions compose our very being. One small component of our body’s composition is magnesium. Magnesium, along with calcium, potassium, chloride, and sodium are all electrolytes, needed for our brain, nerves, heart, eyes, immune system, and muscles to function.

We function best when magnesium in our body is at its optimal level.…