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Thinking my Visitors may like to read some Inspirations on Lets Care For Health. Some will be lighthearted, some meaningful, and a little humor on the Inspired Health Poems page, lets see what I come up with.

Janet's Story

In 2012 I had a break from Health Research and commenced an Inspirational Website called Inspirations For You HERE with lots of pleasant poems, beautiful pictures, some light instrumental music and inspirational quotes and sayings, when experiencing a new gifting from Jesus who enabled me to make Websites in 2010 after 3 months of frustration, trying to find somewhere I could learn how to use a website program as a mature entry student, but getting nowhere with that pursuit.

Following that my nephew started a small business in Webhosting and offered me a free website that came with an easy site builder but I couldn't use it for nuts! So I gave up the idea of making a website (not impressed with those 3 months and that was the last straw). A few days later, I discovered the desire was still with me and it was a pleasant desire. Can remember saying to myself "what's with this desire? it's pretty strong to survive all that frustration." And then I had an "ah ha....." moment of realisation and said to Jesus "Oh! I think You have given me this desire, and if You have, I place it totally in Your hands and You will have a way and a time for it. I won't need to stress or fuss" and left it with Him.

Two weeks later, I was contacted by a Webhosting Company, offering me a website package for a good price "Site Builder? Help No!" I said to myself, having no such intentions. Dismissing the idea, I went about my day. In the evening I was reminded of my words to Jesus two weeks before, so the next morning I went to my computer, bought a package in simple faith and invited Jesus to teach me - within minutes, I started working out how to use the site builder by guesswork. Looking back, it was somewhat more sophisticated than my Nephew's. So Jesus did have a plan and purpose in me making websites after all. Some months later, I commenced making multi-websites and am quite passionate about this creative gifting.

Rest assured, I do not have any religious churchy affiliations but Simply Jesus, and prefer to walk close to Him, respecting and caring about people, and bringing blessing into their day along life's way. I love His Words too, when they're not misconstrued. Thought I'd share my story online as requested by a friend. It's nice to let you know the source of my inspirations - it's good to acknowledge our givers, aye?