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Inspired Health Poems

Thought I would place some Poems on this Page Inspired from my Research and Personal Experience.

They will lighten you up and give you some Keys to over-all Health and Well-Being!


Improving Stress Levels

Yawning helps to cool your brain and keep you sane

so composure you can regain.

Try this often, that's what I say

and your stress levels will not be the same.

Purpose daily to make some smiles

they should last a little while.

This will send to your brain a simple letter

that things are now a little better.

Manufacture some happy laughs

from negative thoughts take a fast.

Imagine you are at your best

if you do this your stress levels will be less.

Make a conscious choice with the things you voice

as if you're glad instead of sad.

Words have an impact on your health

so leave not the happy ones on a shelf.

Don't just save them for good days

but say some today and every day.

You've heard the saying about mind over matter

if you make it positive you'll improve self chatter.

This is the voice that speaks in us all

with it our mood levels rise and fall.

Be thankful for little things in life

this can help you with heartaches and save you from strife.

Keep things simple, let your heart be nimble

with the blessing of prayer and the sound of music

that brings release but you must choose it.

Crowd not too many things into a day

this is kindness – it will pay

afford some rest along life's way.

Yes, these are the things that make for peace

your heart will more often be at ease.

Janet Vargas © Aug 2014

Recipe for Longevity

A year of quality sleep

to give myself that treat

To have a nourishing diet

and be eager to apply it

I'll have some healthy exercise

and try some new clothes out for size

Colors that will give me a lift

to suit me with a flattering fit

Remembering to be gracious

and refrain from being anxious

Mindful to have my rest

in Your Presence I am blessed

These are the things that I will do

to love myself like You want me to.

Janet Vargas © May 2012

Some Health Advice

Plan to make good choices

in the supermarkets there are so many voices.

This label and that label – take care what you place on your table.

It’s not what they look like but what your body feels like.

Not so fine after a time – this is sad that foods are so bad.

When they are healthy we’re inwardly wealthy.

Give your body a chance, your health you’ll enhance.

It is not a matter of staying alive – it’s a matter of feeling alive.

What is your health like today – nature, nutrition and exercise pays.

Don’t sit down and talk, go out for a walk.

Let your preference for nature than TV be greater.

Skip those snacks every time you relax.

These are a few things that will improve your health

Try not to leave them each day on a shelf.

Janet Vargas © March 2015

NOTICE: A Very Strict Copyright Applies To These Poems. Protective Measures Have Been Taken.